Benefits of Starting Your Day With A Green Juice

Of course waking up to a smoothie with orange juice, strawberries, and bananas, will give you a great, fresh start to your day -but don’t disregard the power of GREEN. Check out 4 benefits of a mean green breakfast.

  1. More leafy greens in your day

    Green smoothies are a great way to get in a serving of leafy greens in your day, while also enjoying the natural sweetness of fruit. Contrary to what you might think, green smoothies don’t have to taste like a rabbit patch just because they are green.

    Green smoothies are a much better alternative to fruit juice based smoothies because they are much lower in natural sugars and start you off with a serving or two of leafy greens before lunch. In my opinion if you’re going to take down all those natural sugars and calories in a fruit and fruit juice heavy smoothie, why not enjoy the ride? For the amount of calories on a blended fruit juice drink from say Jamba Juice, I’d rather eat the fruit whole – say in a fruit salad. The experience lasts longer.

    Leafy green smoothies are loaded with vitamins and minerals, antioxidants and blood alkalinizers for superior health and energy. These nutrients help with the awakening and releasing of toxins in the body as well as aid in the rebuilding of the body’s terrain. Its best to drink these in the morning because it your body is leaving the ‘fasting faze’ and will benefit from the enzymes, chlorophyll, organic hydrations, minerals and many vitamins.

  2. It’s a small, yet effective step to a healthier day

    We all know that any dietary change that is quick to take place – no matter how healthy its supposed to be – never lasts. But making small, consistent changes gives your body the foundation it needs to support optimal, long-term health.

    Here, you can take one small, yet effective step to a healthier day with an all natural, enzyme packed smoothie.

    Additionally, for those of you who want to eat more raw foods. It’s a great first step to getting there in an easy to enjoy fashion!

  3. Boost your body’s detoxification work

    ”The body’s ability to flush trapped fluid and toxins and metabolize stored fat peaks between 6am and noon.” – Stanford University School of Medicine

    Many mainstream dieticians claim the best way to set up vibrant energy for the day and ignite weight loss is with a hearty, healthy breakfast, but really its about letting the body detoxify for as long as possible in a natural, whole foods, diet-free detoxifying lifestyle. This means, let the body continue detoxifying (which generally takes place overnight while we’re sleeping) – into the morning hours.

    Eating a light breakfast consisting of green smoothies and fresh pressed juices helps in this process.

  4. Delay your snacking

    I find a liquid-centric morning delays my desires to snack between meals (most days). And with a later lunch, I avoid a late afternoon 3pm crash. It is a great way to start healthy so you craze healthy meals throughout the rest of the day without the desire to snack.

    My favorite Green Juice is
    Natalia Rose’s: Green Lemonade

    1 head romaine lettuce
    5 to 6 stalks of kale
    2 sweet apples (I usually use Fuji or Pink Lady)
    1 whole lemon (No need to peel)
    1 to 2 tablespoons fresh ginger root (optional)


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