Out with the Old, In with the New

Every runner knows the excitement of getting a new pair of running shoes– YIPEEE!!! It gives you that extra boost that you have been needing especially while training for a big event. Since I am less than a month out until the Rock’n’Roll Denver Half Marathon, I decided to pump up my attitude by buying a new pair of running shoes.

Running shoes are obviously so important to training. A running shoe should allow you 300 miles give or take a few. A good way to know how far you have ran in a shoe is to keep track of your milage. It is also a great training technique when you want to ramp up the milage. Another great tip when training for anything over a 10k is to train with 2 different pairs of shoes. Running shoes tend to loosen their form so if you wear them for consecutive days they don’t give you the same support as they should. Letting them rest and reform is the best way to keep your legs and joints healthy.


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