Well.. because I thrive on being a procrastinator… or I am just lazy, I have subsequently waited 2 weeks before my second half marathon to get my lardy butt in “13.1” mile shape. This unfortunately means: TWO-A-DAY TIME! and a very strict diet to melt off some of this fabulous “partying” weight I have put on. Thanks to a class action lawsuit against 24 Hour Fitness I get 4 months of free membership! Yipee!! Which means I can start taking Spin again [hate it but love it all at the same time], so I can “Be Like (Mike) Lance!”

My week:

5:30am (Yikes): Spin

6:30am: Weights (focusing on Quads –hopefully skipping race day knee injury)

8:30-5pm: Work–Blahh (eating primarily raw foods- Fruit up until 12- After 12 veggies and seeds–obsessed with pumpkin right now)

5:45pm: RUN! RUN! RUN! and maybe a little swimming mixed in to soften the pressure on the troubled knee.


Favorite running spot–until it gets dark (which is like 6:40pm now.. boo)

Wash Park- Woo wooooo!

In about 2 weeks I am sure I will be regretting this “procrastination” training plan. Hopefully a little 24 Hour pump up will help me out.  :deep breaths:



One thought on “Two-A-Days

  1. Stefany Root says:

    Live Strong Whitney, you can power through!

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