‘mercial madness.

Yes, ever since I was a little girl I knew exactly what I wanted to be when I grew up: an INFOMERCIAL EDITOR! and TADAH!! my dreams came true 😉 Just teasing. But my life has become one giant infomercial. Work has been soo busy lately which is great and I am learning tons. There are so many hidden infomercial secrets that I never knew until I started working in the biz.

1: The “Real People” that are used to testimonials are actually actors. We feed them the lines, they say what we want, when we want, and how we want. When they say “Real People” under their testimonial, they are “Reeeal People”  but  more like “Actor People”.

-What I found surprising was that even on those infomercials on the beach where “random” people try the work out equipment and seem to LOOVE it– not true. It has been rehearsed and they probably think the product is stupid.

2: When a product says it costs $10 dollars and you get another FREE and an extra gift– It really ends up costing you $30-$50 depending on the product. Where they get you– The “Shipping and Handling”. Beware, it will cost you a separate $5-$7 for each “FREE” item– even if you don’t want it. Tricky little people.

3: If you wanna be like Billy Mays or Vince Shlomi– you need lots of “uppers” and to be doing Product Expos for at least 2 years with the same product. It took Billy Mays 4 years with OxiClean to get as big as he was. My bosses were actually great friends with him– Weird.

Just some fun facts. I actually have a great time doing these shoots and edits– although most of the products I would never buy– usually because they are not in my demographic.

Anywho, I have been really busy with work lately. Tons of fun shoots and products that will be ready for your television viewing pleasure within the month. I know you all cannot wait!

Tough Job 😉

This is what Jenece (the stylist) and I do on shoots… Sit and laugh.. and not much else.  Tough Gig– I know


I pretend to be an actress.

Kind Kollar Shoot

Sol Flap Shoot (BTW I have no idea how to golf)

Stick Balls Shoot

Heads Up! Shoot

The Roll Shoot (Las Vegas)

Mostly I play director.

The Crew– They are like Frat boyzzz- gotta love ’em.


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