“…you must do a lot of squats.”

First of all I would like to start off this dreary day by saying: YAYAYAYAY! Kombucha is back 🙂 I am a happy girl!

I literally got giddy when I saw it in Sprouts this morning. What a perfect surprise after the most intense Spin (double Spin) class of my life.


I decided I was going to be an overacheiver this morning and go to both the 5:30am and 6:30am Spin class. Why? I have no clue. It is my last big workout day until Sunday’s big race so I decided I would go all out (I am also doing a Masters Swim Class tonight ;))– which means I can eat all day too– best part! The morning started the same 4:37am wake up call– I only wake up on odd numbers.. cause I’m odd I guess… literally rolling out of bed. I have found that it is much easier to get motivated for the gym when I have my gym bag packed, clothes picked out for the day, and my workout clothes sitting right next to my bed. I am NOT a morning person.

So I get to the gym- through the disgusting darkness and rain- make my way into the Spin room- when all of a sudden some random man comes up to me and says (thankfully in a very gay voice):

Man: “I know this is awkward but I just have to say you have a phenomenal backside.”

Whitney:”Umm what?”

Man: “I mean you must do a lot of squats or something.”

Whitney (it’s too early to be having an awkward conversation): Awkward laughter “Umm noo, just how I was made.” (I had no idea how to respond to that).

Man: “Well you are lucky, I would die for a butt like that.”

Whitney: More awkward laughter (I just want to be in bed) “Oh, hahah, thanks.”

I literally run to the bike and plop my “backside”down on the seat. AND turns out the very complementary gay man was the Spin instructor. Lets just say that was an awkward 2 hours.

Newly Formed Spin Pet Peeves:

People who do not clean off their bikes after sweating like Turkey on Thanksgiving

When the instructor takes a break and drinks water but tells you to work harder (lazy ass)

People who forgot to shower for the last 7 years and smell like an Indian restaurant

Certain Spin Instructors

Looking like I just took a shower and the girl next to me doesn’t have a drop of sweat on her (lazy ass)

Maybe once my legs stop burning I will like class again 😉


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