Weird Infomercial Products

So, the other day when I posted about my job it got me thinking about how many weird products and product ideas come in and out of our office. Here are some EXTREMELY strange interesting ones that I have seen so far:

The Banana Bunker

The Banana Bunker is a flexible, plastic device that prevents your bananas from being bruised. So, if you bring bananas in your lunch when you’re on-the-go, you need this banana protector.

It fits almost any size banana due to its innovative design featuring open end caps (to allow thin ends to stick out) and a flexible and detachable mid-section. Who in the heck came up with that?!! And yes it look veeeery interesting  😉 → I can read minds.

Timer on a Rope

Don’t Be Confined To The Kitchen Ever Again!

“Wear our Timer On A Rope around your neck or stick it to the stove or fridge. Set the timer and the alarm reminds you it’s time to take the roast out of the oven! Sets to 60 minutes in 1 minute intervals. Magnetic back. 36 inch long cord.” They must be joking.

“Sock Clips

The End Of Losing & Sorting Socks!

Keep Sole Mates Together! Clip each pair of socks together before placing in your washer. Sock Clips are color safe, bleach safe and dryer safe. Just take them out and place clean socks right in your sock drawer. NO MORE SORTING SOCKS. Sock Clips include Set of 32 clips in 4 assorted colors. That’s enough for 32 pairs of socks!” I think the reason people lose their socks is because they are lazy… I could not imagine hooking up used socks to this. Weird!

The USB Drink Warmer

The USB Drink Warmer and 4-port USB hub is probably the most useful USB-powered device we’ve come across. Not only does it provide several useful functions, but it actually makes a ton of sense for it to be USB powered. May actually be nice in winter.



Long Tweezers

Retrieve items in jars, disposals or drains with our long tweezers. 10″.

←Enough Said.


Button Extender

When Your Waist Size Fluctuates, Use This Extra INCH!

Here is a quick way to loosen waistbands when you’ve added extra pounds! The easy-on, easy-off extender loop simply slips over your existing button on pants, skirts & jeans, and adds an extra inch to tight fitting waistbands. Button Extender saves the hassle of costly visits to the tailor, too. We truly are a nation of fatties!

Booty Pop Panties

The Panties that Make Your Booty Pop. These fashionable underwear will shape, lift and enhance your booty. I like where this trend is going 😉


Just pin it on & bugs stay away! Wear the Bug Button(TM) on a shirt or hat to keep bees, flies, gnats and yellow jackets from biting. There is no oily mess or toxic, greasy lotions/sprays to deal with. Pin on any fabric to create an invisible barrier that repels all flying insects. Great for gardening, hiking, picnics and all your outdoor events. Each waterproof, natural and non-toxic button lasts up to 175 hours. Bug Buttons do not activate until the package is opened. Made with 3 natural oils (citronella, geranium & lemon grass). 1.75 inches dia. Pack of 10 (over 1,700 hrs of protection!).


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