done and done. my half marathon is finished. yay!! it was a very fun race and I didn’t over do it so I am feeling good today– except for my gigantic left knee–but I had a feeling he wouldn’t like the run. It was such a fun course with lots of people cheering the whole way. What a fabulous Sunday 🙂 AND I did better than my half in April so that is always a great achievement 🙂 Next up MARATHON Training! Woohooo

Run White Girl, Run

Fam Dam ily: Best Cheering Team EVER!

I think the hardest part of any race, whether it be a 5k or a half marathon, is the night before nerves. Saturday they were killing me. I am pretty sure I checked and rechecked and rechecked everything (ALARM) to make sure it was ready and perfect. Another problem with those nerves is the port-o-potty trips. Even if you don’t have to go — you HAVE to go before a race. Frustration! And the lines don’t help. I missed my “Corral” due to long potty lines. I literally did the business and hopped the fence to start the race. Whoops.

Pre-Race Dinner: Being able to completely devour all the carbs you want pretty much makes any race worth it.

Like I said I was anal about the “preparedness”.

Race Necessities: Vega Sport Optimizer (Full of vitamins like Coconut Oil, Kombucha, Yerba Mate, Green Tea, Ginger Extract to give you energy, stamina, and focus to really help you kick butt!)

Vega Nutrion bar: Raw and All natural energy

Bloks (I only use half of one and probably didn’t need it)

Quench gum (I like to chew gum when I run)

Garmin Watch and Pace tracker


Patella Strap (Pesky knee)

Post race hydration. Yum


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