2011 Girlie Snowboard Trends

Snowboard season is almost in full swing. Woohooo!!

Here are some hot tips for a baller snowboard season.

Bright Colored Boots

Boots often come in black, white, and some muted color like baby blue. Lots of companies doing bright, bold colors for boots this year. Vans has teal and purple. And Bright pink Vans x Airblaster Snowboard Boot.


It seems like collaborations are a trend that’s here to stay. The ladies are often left out of the really cool collabs, but not this year! One of the ones we are excited for is the K2/Nikita collab that will bring Nikita style to some K2 hardgoods. Burton is also doing a collab with the New York City based streetwear brand Married to the Mob, which includes a board and outerwear. I like their slogan “Well behaved bitches seldom make history.”  Ride is also doing a nifty collaboration with Spacecraft.

Heida Birgisdottir, founder and head designer of Nikita and former national snowboard champ said: “Because of our roots and heavy involvement in snowboarding from day one, I’ve very often been asked why Nikita doesn’t make snowboards. The answer is simple: whether its hardgoods or softgoods I don’t take good equipment for granted. Like with outerwear it takes experts to make quality snowboards and Nikita focused on making the clothes. We were therefore thrilled when K2 introduced to us the opportunity to co-design a line of girl specific snowboards and bindings matching our current line of outerwear. I’m stoked on the outcome and look forward to riding the whole package in the coming winter!”

Built for ladies who love the park, the VaVaVoom is now the ultimate choice for all the shred girls especially with a blend of NIKITA design splashed all over it. Team this with the new Cassette binding and you have all-terrain performance, comfort and style from head to snow.

Yoga Style “Long Undies”

Under layers have been transitioning from unisex (boyish) to more wearable lifestyle pieces. Many companies are taking cues from yoga clothing and bringing foldover waistbands into their baselayers. I just straight up wear my Lululemon pants and Under Armor. Toasty and adorable. I also think Cilla clothing is so cute! — highly recommended on this front.

Longer Jackets

The trend for longer and longer jackets continues. I’ve heard that several companies are adding 1-2″ to all of their jackets. We think this is a great thing since no one likes a wet booty! Burton has tons of cute styles and colors.

You don’t have to be a G like me 😉


BOA lacing on the boots is huge this year. I am guessing one reason is that BOA is now guaranteeing their laces for life. So if your BOA cable snaps – you can get it replaced for freeeee. Hollar! Although I am not a huge fan of it  many people like it. Give it a try!

Signature Collections Across Brands

Signature gear is nothing new. Pro Snowboarders like Gretchen Bleiler have had signature collections for years. I actually have her Oakley googles and get tons of compliments on them. What is new is that riders are creating their own personal brands and building a signature collection across several companies. Take for example – her signature paw print and colors make their way across boots from Vans, a Nitro board, and Celtek gloves.

Bright ‘Get noticed’ Goggles

Women’s goggles are becoming a huge fashion statement. In girl speak– they are a fun and great accessory to your g’ed out snow “outfit”. I loove fun goggles and they are definitely a necessity on the ski slop. I’m a big fan of Oakley, but Anon, Smith, Spy, and Roxy are a few that have jumped onto the sexy goggle wagon.

Source help: Powderroom.net 

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